Sunday, July 5, 2009

Well... if there is stuff to be learned in a week and things to be done and people to meet and food to eat and discoveries to be made, we been there, done that and definitely got the "T" shirt!

Here I am on Day 6, posing with the last of the roadside motorcycles we discovered along the way... since this trip was loosely based on the Wild Hogs movie, we thought it only appropriate to honor that by picturing me next to a bunch of Harleys... truth is, I am not (obviously) the Harley type, but it was all part of the fun!

Now that I am home, I'm convined that I could not have made better use of the time than traveling around the Mid-West with Bruce, discovering things about our lineage that are both frightening and delightful, finding all the great restaurants in the best out of the way places in all these towns (you do this by dueling IPhones and Blackberrys), learning more about how we 'tick' as people, and learning that there is real value to family ties and bonding!!

Great times! Great week!!

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  1. Well, I am glad you guy's had what sounds like a real good time. Wish I'd been there, but oh well! Got other things to do like fish for salmon, and fight with all the bugs.
    Perhaps next year you can expand your search. Who knows what you'll turn up.